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Based in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, this blog is all about Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM): the incredible process of gaining relevant traffic (organic and paid) from search engines to further your business aims… Samurai Style!

We are at an amazing and historic time. In the last 20 years of our digital age, we’ve discovered astounding ways to organize and store the collective knowledge of our entire planet on the world wide web. The amount of information online is colossal, and growing exponentially:

  1. There are over 1 billion websites currently on the web, with thousands added every day
  2. The most widely used search engine is Google with over 6 billion searches per day

Sometimes it can be hard to find precisely what you are searching for on the net, and even harder to be found by someone looking for exactly what you have to offer. If you spend no time, effort or resources on the search aspect of your site, your chances of being found dramatically diminish, especially compared to any of your competitors who are working on this very important element.

The good news is: By following a set of simple and ethical best practices for Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing, coupled with a little creative spice and tapping into social media and other online marketing channels, virtually any website can shine like a beacon on the ocean of information we now have at our finger tips.

Effective SEO is not just about ranking number one, or even ranking on the first page of Google, for any keyword that might be loosely associated with your business. It’s about consciously ranking well for the important search terms, backed by SEO keyword research, that your target market will use to find your site, and ultimately take you up on your offering. This blog will explore the essential components of this process, against the backdrop of a highly dynmamic and evolving search landscape.

SEO Basics: What makes a good Keyword List for SEM & SEO Copywriting?

Keywords (a.k.a. search terms) are the words and phrases that people use to proactively find what they are looking for in search engines such as Google, Yahoo or Bing. The choice of keywords that prospects use to find what they are seeking on the web is a critical factor in determining what sites are going to be served up in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs).

Definition of a Keyword:

A word that serves as a key to a code or cipher.
A significant or descriptive word.
A word used as a reference point for finding other words or information.
Any significant word or phrase, esp. a word used to describe the contents of a document.

Many of the top-ranking webpages, for any search query, rank […]

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